How Do Kids Benefit From Martial Arts?

What do we as parents really want for our children? To be safe, healthy, smart, coordinated leaders who are confident, disciplined, polite, and well mannered. This is the benefit of martial arts for kids, as well as [...]


PRO TKD offers a few different team options for our members. The US Open Taekwondo Hanmadang Championships is our main event of the year. Our annual Kick-A-thon is our fundraising event to go to this [...]

PRO TKD Kick A Thon

An Annual Event The Kick A Thon is one of our year’s biggest events. Why Do We Hold a Kick A Thon? To begin with, everyone sets the goal for how many kicks they want [...]

Meet Master Instructor Doug Fuechsel

PRO TKD Martial Arts Center was founded by Master Instructor Doug Fuechsel. Background Master Fuechsel’s early passion for the martial arts caused him to move to Seoul, Korea where he trained and received his black belt [...]

Objectives for the Black Belt Journey

Attaining and completing the black belt journey means a completed cycle ready to begin anew. For many in America, it is the end of the journey - the reality is that it is only one [...]

How Do Adults Benefit from Martial Arts?

Martial arts for adults is all about fitness, reduction of stress and tension, new confidence, reality-based self defense, and reducing boredom in your workout. Fitness The fruits of regular body movement are many, and these dividends pay [...]

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