How Do Kids Benefit From Martial Arts?

What do we as parents really want for our children? To be safe, healthy, smart, coordinated leaders who are confident, disciplined, polite, and well mannered. This is the benefit of martial arts for kids, as well as the characteristics of a Black Belt.


As parents we want only the best for our children. The fears of “what if” are sometimes overwhelming. Martial Arts not only teaches self-defense, but also awareness. Because of the movements students learn, the brain opens new areas.

Mental and physical awareness are enhanced. Understanding of our environment and the times we live in add to their understanding and increase their safety.


The fruits of regular body movement are many. These dividends pay throughout our lives.

Learning correct principles about our breathing, increasing our heart rates, understanding how the body releases toxins during exercise, and proper warm-up and cool down principles are only a few of the many ways Martial Art training makes us strong and fit.

Fueling the body for the challenge increases our understanding of the body we live in and how to maximize its efficiency. Each workout begins with Kimoodo breathing which oxygenates the body at a cellular level. This feeds the cells with oxygen and also allows the cells to be cleaned. The stances in the Kimoodo combined with the breathing promote flexibility, range of motion, and health.


The activity of Martial Arts provides a dual hemisphere reaction in the brain. This mental gymnastics occurs during the hand and foot interactions in the movements taught to the students. The result of this is increased focus and concentration. It literally is increasing the used space of the brain.

Children’s grades improve because they are opening doors that otherwise would not have been knocked on. Once the door is opened you can see the room, and the next door on the other side.


Martial Arts prepare you for all other activities, but nothing prepares you for Martial Arts. The brain runs the body. The dual hemisphere interaction promoted by Martial Arts activity fires neuro pathways. These pathways direct body movement and coordination.

Leaders Not Followers

As parents we want our children to have the strength to stand up for what we have taught them. Peer pressure and media influence are tough opponents. Black Belts are leaders.


Everyone knows how great it feels when we have confidence. Martial Arts training is about self understanding. Regular workouts, goal setting, goal accomplishment, overcoming fears, and persevering are a few of the characteristics that occur on the journey to Black Belt.

Self defense cannot be achieved without self confidence. Knowing who you are is one of the great questions in life. Martial Art training allows the student a variety of venues to understand that question.


Water takes the path of least resistance and so do we. Discipline is learned and the struggle to be lazy and take the easy way is always there. Discipline is what teaches us to overcome rather than be overcome.

Polite and Well-Mannered

In the last two decades, the change in the people who have walked into our schools is staggering. PRO TKD Martial Arts Center teaches students to respect themselves and others. Before you do something to someone, think how you would feel if it was you.

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