PRO TKD Kick A Thon

An Annual Event

The Kick A Thon is one of our year’s biggest events.

Why Do We Hold a Kick A Thon?

To begin with, everyone sets the goal for how many kicks they want to do in 15 minutes and how many pledges they want to get. There are prizes for both. Students write their goals on a paper posted in the dojang. Then with a systemized progression of training they gain in overall body fitness, strength, and flexibility in preparation for the Kick A Thon.

Students learn about how to fuel their bodies for the challenge and how to hydrate properly.

Getting Pledges

A standard pledge is one penny, and everyone is encouraged to get 10 pledges. Students are coached on how to present themselves and information about the Kick A Thon in order to receive pledges. Parents are encouraged to help with ideas for whom to contact for pledges, but please allow the students to experience and learn by doing it for themselves.

After the Kick A Thon, the pledges are collected. This provides students an opportunity to share their experience, how they accomplished their goal, and to receive positive feedback from everyone that pledged. This is a very powerful piece in the overall process. The money raised from the Kick A Thon funds the Dojangs Demo Team and Competition Team.

Volunteers and Rewards

During the actual Kick A Thon, we need adult counters and volunteers. All the kickers have a paddle holder and a counter. They kick for 15 minutes and accomplish the rewards of their hard work. For those who kick over 1500 they become members of the prestigious 1500 CLUB and earn a patch and sweat suit. Winners of the 6 categories receive custom doboks.

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