PRO TKD offers a few different team options for our members.

The US Open Taekwondo Hanmadang Championships is our main event of the year. Our annual Kick-A-thon is our fundraising event to go to this national championship. This competition features all the aspects of martial arts except sparring, and our school has been a dominant national force.

Competition Team

The PRO TKD Competition Team is an extracurricular extension of our sparring program. Sparring is not a mandatory, but it is where the rubber hits the road.

All of the movement and strategies that are taught are designed with attack or defense in mind. Sparring brings the practice applications into a reality. Whether Olympic Taekwondo or a life threatening situation it’s all the same.

The PRO TKD Team has been highly successful over the years producing many state and national champions. The Team provides a competitive outlet for those members of the Dojang that enjoy this aspect of our program. The number one reason why people stop a Martial Art program is sparring or getting hurt in sparring.

PRO TKD provides a voluntary sparring program for this reason. To be a member of the Competition Team, students need to regularly attend the weekly sparring class.

Annually, PRO TKD has a Kick A Thon to raise money for the extracurricular programs and help offset cost for those who enjoy this outlet and have goals of becoming sparring champions.

Demo Team

The PRO TKD Demo Team is an extracurricular extension of class curriculum. Every year, two tryouts are held and members are selected. All new members are on a 6-month probationary period. During this time, evaluations are made on level of commitment and dedication.

The PRO TKD Demo Team performs at basketball and football half times at area high schools. They also compete at state tournaments against other teams from Dojangs around the state. The Team has won at many events and has often been the team to beat at these state competitions.

The Demo Team provides an opportunity for members to perfect their own skills and perform them on a state or national stage. Demo Team competition has been growing in popularity over the years, and in 2010 the United States sent its first National Demo Team to the World Championships at the World Taekwondo headquarters, the Kukkiwon. The United States placed 3rd and veteran member of the PRO TKD Demo Team, Ms. Olive Tampol, was selected for that team.

PRO TKD is proud of the creativity and Taekwondo skills demonstrated by the team. Each team has brought their own uniqueness and style. The PRO TKD Demo Team annually performs new and exciting material to their audiences.

Please contact the PRO TKD Martial Arts Center for opportunities to see the Team.


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