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dan-kapustka-testimonial“At times in our lives we may have the privilege of running across people and opportunities which equip us to grow and step into the destiny that God has intended for us. I owe Grandmaster Fuechsel gratitude beyond measure for equipping me not only physically, to handle myself in any physical conflict, but mentally and spiritually to have the character and values to stand firm. To remain strong when many embrace weakness and moral compromise. At PRO TKD Martial Arts Center, you not only receive world class martial arts instruction from a living legend, you are in an atmosphere ripe for pursuing your destiny and becoming who you were meant to be.”

– Dan Kapustka

the-oswald-family-testimonial-1“Family bonding at its best!  My son, daughter, and I have grown under the tutelage of Grandmaster Fuechsel who applies quality instruction while promoting self confidence and guidance of both the mind and body.  Our journey has included creativity, meditation, breaking, kimoodo, eskrima, sword, and self-defense. Taekwondo teaches the life skills of perseverance and leadership while providing the determination and resolve to overcome. To grow and perform as a family, to practice the way of “Strength, Discipline, and Honor,” is an incredible experience that cannot be matched!”

– The Oswald Family

kramer“Master Doug played a very important role in my son’s life at a critical time in his emotional, psychological, and spiritual development. Taekwondo gave him self-discipline, confidence, and a sense of right which supported him to accomplish many good things, including his Masters degree in engineering.”

– Trish Kramer

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